Our personal experience:

  • Mid 2006 Phillip W. Knight agreed to act as a fiduciary* and hold money he was to return or disburse as instructed.
  • Knight provided bank wire details for four (4) separate transactions. $353,500 was wired and Knight confirmed it was received.  To date no money has been returned regardless of his promises to do so in writing* and verbally.
  • We experienced his egregious breach of trust as a fiduciary not a business deal gone bad as he’s allegedly tells those who find this website.
  • Knight has provided an array of excuses why he’s not returned the money: ex. the government had the moneyhe gave the money to someone he trusted and they did not return it, he never benefitted from the money and so on. Rubbish!  He agreed to and was engaged as the fiduciary. Money entrusted to him should never have been given to someone, anyone else without consent.
  • Word of Caution: Those choosing or already doing business with Knight should proceed with caution and conduct a forensic due diligence. Never let him or anyone he designates hold or collect any money for any reason. Always engage a third party escrow agent that you know and trust.
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Summary: This site is intended to alert its readers to be cautious when and if choosing to do business with Phillip W. Knight and further suggests all money to be held or payments to be made be directed ONLY to and held by a third party of your choice that you know and trust… ,  – no one else. 

Phillip W. Knight of Zurich, Ontario Canada

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A special thanks to those who shared their experience and inquired about Knight. The knowledge that this website has helped divert others from doing business with Knight without being duly information confirms this website is a worthy endeavor.

Inquiries please write to paulr@phillipwknight.com


**FALL 2014  –  Power of Sale.  Knight is out of his home in Zurich Ontario Canada. Locks were changed as the mortgagee sells the farm to recoup the mortgage that allegedly was not paid for two years.


Plaintiff Grayson vs. Defendant Phillip W. Knight  |  United States District Court – District of New Jersey – USA

Grayson granted full judgment.
Default Judgment in the sum of $353,500 in favor of Plaintiff Grayson against Defendant Phillip W. Knight

Contact us ro discuss payment for information leading to the collection of the $353,500+.  Anyone with knowledge of any business, personal or financial dealings or other information on Phillip W. Knight is asked to write to: paulr@phillipwknight.com

  • PRIVACY GUARANTEED:   The disclosing party shall upon request be provided with a Mutual Confidentiality Agreement.
  • PAYMENT DUE and PAYABLE:  Upon the Plaintiff’s receipt of cleared funds or other satisfactory instruments of equal value as a direct result of information provided by the named party, the named party shall be due an agreed percent of the amount of cleared funds collected.
  • FURTHER KNOWLEDGE:  You or any party past, present or future conducting business with defendant Knight, his companies or any person, place of company he represents or he is doing business with is asked to come forward and notify Plaintiff of money due Knight as any money to be paid Knight is liened by plaintiff in accordance with the default judgment.

Parties responsible for obstruction of collection or referenced funds will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

** November 2011:   Defendant Grayson Wins 

Phillip W. Knight …THE LOSER!
19 October 2010 / Civil Action No:  1:10cv887 United States District Court for Eastern District of Virginia Knight’s complaint

February 2011:   Knight’s attorney’s request to withdraw as legal counsel is granted

November 2011 – Case dismissed.  Virginia dismissed Knight’s frivolous civil action.    If you’re curious why Phillip W. Knight would spend money to initiate this frivolous law site vs. starting to make payments to Grayson – the guess would be because he is a sociopath incapable of remo and has an air of entitlement that he does not have to pay it back.  money to beat the defendant out of the money due vs.


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  • The 3rd party comments remain public and unedited in order to provide working documentation on the subject of this website. As a general rule before making any business decision it is suggested you conduct a full due diligence,
  • You are welcome to copy or download information on this website & use it as you see fit as long as it is used in a lawful manner
  • (*) We maintain a strict privacy policy.


To All:

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