Canada:        FORMERLY lived on what locals referred to as the Knight Farm,  Hensall Road, Zurich, Ontario Canada  (POWER OF SALE) …. Knight was forced to remove himself from the premises in 2014 as a result of a Power of Sale initiated because he allegedly was years in default on his mortgage.  Additionally alledgedly Knight removed the refrigerator, stove and dishwasher out of the home before the locks were changed.

USA:      Knight advised he is a resident and citizen of the state of Colorado when providng his legal address as: Phillip W. Knight
12835 East Araphahoe Road, Tower One, Penthouse 803, Englewood, CO  80122

This address is also listed for: Andrew I. Telsey, P.C./ Attorney At Law
Ph: (303) 768-9221(303) 768-9221 / Fax: (303) 768-9224 / email:Andrew@telseylaw.com / http://www.telseylaw.com
***** Reportedly Telsey is often the legal council and/or appointed escrow agent for Phillip W. Knight

Now or Former Business Names and/or Interests
– Top Hat Investments, Toronto, Canada
– Continental Trust Corporation Limited – Bermuda
– Prominence Capital
– Gibraltar Securities / Bahamas – offshore where Knight reportedly holds stock

Other:  Tropic Trading Co., Voyager Petroleum, Inc, Amiworld Inc, Gotta Play Interactive Inc, Viral Genetics Inc. / DE

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Reported Judgments

345,262.15              Jayhead Investments Ltd.

275,899.76              Canada Customs and Revenue Agency
45,942.00               Bank of Montreal

13 January 2014:   Grayson vs. Knight –   Judgment $353,500Zero trust….   
The Meeting:  5 October 2010 – +/- 28 minutes into the meeting Phil Knight advises,
There is another Phil Knight

who contacted me, oh I don’t know, it was probably five months ago, because his name had been brought up on an Internet site and it was hurting his credit rating,…”   Knight continues to say Phil Knight from California hired an attorney in Virginia and was was going to take legal action against the bloggers who wrote comments on the phillipwknight.com website.  Rubbish.  This Phil Knight hired this attorney in his frivolous Virginia law suit who in February 2011 asked to be removed as his attorney.

Meeting full transcript and audio confirm his comments. 

The facts: 18 Oct 2010 Phil Knight, the subject of this website amended a complaint Knight filed 9 Aug 2010 (2 months prior the 10 Oct. meeting) seeking ‘injunctive relief and damages and demand for a jury trial’ for slander, emotional distresss, defamatory statements, defamation, as a result of the website and its blog.  What a joke!  There was never a Phil Knight from California – it was a lie made up by Phil Knight- the sole subject of this website.

OUTCOME:   Defendant Grayson acts pro-se defending the Virginia lawsuit filed by Knight.  His frivolous law suit was denied without merit.   Grayson prevails.


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