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Events leading up to this conversation:
Sept 2010          Grayson sent ‘Trauma of Financial Rape‘ to Knight asking he review and object to any part of the article that were not factual or it would be disseminated as is.
20 Sept 2010     Knight responds and suggests a meeting
5 Oct 2010         Knight requests a meeting in the USA
10 Oct 2010       Meeting takes place in Fort Lee, New Jersey
Subject:              Knight’s failed responsibilities as a fiduciary written transcriptAudio Below.

June through November 2006:  Knight enters into a fiduciary agreement which he breaches when failing and/or refusing to return $353,500 he accepted in 4 separate transactionas acting as a fiduciary. Knight has repeatedly ignored numerous requests including those from attorneys to return the funds.

October:  10 October: Knight’s requested meeting in New Jersey takes place. Knight and Grayson meet when Knight advises  “I want to make it right” ; “I’m thinking what could I do, because I want to help you out. I want to get it resolved”.  When asked why now after 4 years, Phillip W Knight responds  ‘You know, I can’t tell you what the exact circumstances were at the time, Liz, but they are genuine now….”  **
While spewing seeming sincere words Phillip W. Knight was finalizing his preparation to commence legal action for $350K (the amount he held as a fiduciary) claiming this website, the buzz and blogcomments herein were slanderous.
18 October:  Knight has Grayson served at her home advising of his suit in the state of Virginia for defamation due to this website and blog.
1)  Knight proposes to settle his lawsuit IF the Defendant agrees to sign a confidentiality agreement “not to publicly discuss or distribute information or any materials (orally or in writing) to any third party that in any way refers, concerns, describes or relates to Phillip W. Knight, the website, or the litigation.”
2) Knight’s demand to gag the Defendant is immediately denied.
October2010 to February 2011:  Multiple motions and responses were entered by Plaintiff and Defendant
February: William Zeitler, Attorney for Knight requests to withdraw from the case. Defandant acting pro-se had no objection.  The court grants William Zeitler, Esq. his motion to withdraw as Knight’s attorney.
Nov:    Case Dismissed. Plaintiff is victorious in Knight’s frivolous law suit.  The United States District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia/ Alexandria Division dismisses Knight’s case as it had no merit.
United States District Court – District of New Jersey – USA
March 2012 – Motion: Plaintiff Grayson vs. Defendant Phillip W. Knight. Grayson files a motion for Knight to return the $353,500.

Plaintiff Grayson is awarded full judgment
January:   Default Judgment in the sum of $353,500 + interest in favor of Plaintiff Grayson against Defendant Phillip W. Knight is entered in the Federal Court, District of New Jersey.

Defendant Knight was contacted on multiple occasisons to work with Plaintiff to begin to make payments toward settling the recorded judgment.  To date no resistution has been made by Phillip W. Knight.

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Please keep in mind when listening to what seems sincere on the part of Knight that he had already started legal action in Virginia and served Grayson on the 18th of the month for $350,000 coincidentally an amount close to the money he agreed to hold as a fiduciary.  As noted herein aknight’s lawsuit as dismissed as having no merit.   

Is this a man who can be trusted? Listen to the conversation below

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