January 2014:  New Jersey Federal Court grants Grayson a $353,500 default judgment against Phillip W. Knight

Phillip W. Knight – 
The Trauma of Financial Rape  – the true and emotional story memorializing one’s experience with Knight. Knight was sent a copy giving him ample time to refute any of the content.

Sept 25 
Knight requests a face-to-face meeting and advises he will be in New Jersey on the 5th of October.   During the meeting Knight takes full responsibility as a fiduciary and is quoted as saying: 
5 Oct. 2010 Knight says: “I broke the trust and I aplogize.”,  “I will sort it out with you…”. He further adds when asked why he did not return the money in 4 years: ‘You know I can’t tell you what the exact circumstances were at the time, Liz, but they’re genuine now…..” He went on to propose a settlement.  Have a listen.

19 Oct. 2010 Knight has Grayson served and learns Knight had previously engaged attorney William A. Zeitler of Virginia regarding Complaint Case No. 1:10cv887 originally filed 9 August 2010 and amended 19 October 19th at which time the Defendant was served.

November 2011 Knight’s Complaint Case No. 1:10cv887 was dismissed Grayson wins the case.

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