Plaintiff Grayson vs. Defendant Phillip W. Knight

United States District Court – District of New Jersey – USA

Judgment was entered in favor of Plaintiff Grayson against Defendant Knight in the amount of $353,500 representing the full amount Knight held as a fiduciary and has to date failed to return.

Receive a reward for information leading to the recovery of all or part of the $353,500.

Anyone with knowledge of any business or financial dealings or other information on Phillip W. Knight is asked to contact
Please come forth with information about his current and/or future business dealings, his interest in any stock, bonds, companies, holdings or shares in any public or private entity anywhere in the world  and/or in collateral property to include real estate, planes, boats, vehicles, etc.

PRIVACY GUARANTEED :   The named disclosing party shall upon request be provided with a Mutual Confidentiality Agreement.

PAYMENT DUE and PAYABLE:  Upon the Plaintiff’s receipt of cleared funds or other instruments of equal value as a direct result of information provided by the named party, the named party shall be due an agreed percent of the amount of cleared funds collected.

FURTHER KNOWLEDGE:  You or any party past, present or future conducting business with defendant Knight, his companies or any person, place of company he represents or he is doing business with is asked to come forward and notify Plaintiff of money due Knight as any money to be paid Knight is liened by plaintiff in accordance with the default judgment.

Parties responsible for obstruction of collection or referenced funds will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

Phillip W. Knight – the LOSER    /   

Defandant Liz Grayson has won! 
19 October 2010 / Civil Action No:  1:10cv887  United States District Count for Eastern District of Virginia
Attorney of Record | August 2010 to March 4, 2011 as the court approves his request to withdraw as Knight’s counsel
William A. Zeitler, Law Office of William Zeitler
Suite 900, 8200 Greensboro Drive, Mclean, Virginia 22101
T. 703 647 6031

November 2010
Defendant Grayson acting pro-se begins to defend Knight’s frivoulous law suit for $350,00 coincidentally in the same amount he held as a fiduciary and never returned.

21 December
Defendant acting pro-se files Motions to Dismiss and submits two affidavits.
Affidavit 1. Robert J. Flynn of Red Branch Technologies  |  Affidavit 2 – Phillip W. Knight
Comments:  Knight’s ‘affidavit’ is in direct conflict with statements he made during meeting of October 5, 2010.

31 December
Defendant files new Motions to Dismiss

19 February
19 February     The attorney for Phillip W. Knight files a motion to withdraw as Knight’s counsel.
4 March          The US Federal Court for the Eastern District of Virginia allows Knight’s counsel to withdraw.

Court dismisses Knight’s frivolous law suit against Grayson.

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