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5 October 2010  – Meeting Fort Lee, New Jersey / Meeting audio
17 August 2010 –  Excerpts from telephone conversation

Phil: Hello
Liz: Hello Phil, it’s Liz. How are you?
Phil: I’m good Liz, How you doing?
Liz: I’m fine.   I am just asking again; when do you think you can  be able to get all this money back that you have.  You’re holding $353,000.
Phil: I’m holding $353,000 dollars?
Liz: You uh, my clients wired you money for advertising
Phil: Well, we know all that
Liz: I know, so where is this money Phil
Phil: If I had it I’d be happy to return it – I don’t have it so,
Liz: Well, where is it?
Phil: Oh, I wish I knew
Liz: What do you mean you wish you knew?
Phil: I wish I knew.
Liz: Well, you wish you knew.  It was in your possession, so why wouldn’t you
Phil: It was never in my possession
Liz: What do you mean it was never in your possession, I have documents
Phil: It was never in my possession
Liz: You had it sent to your bank
Phil: Well, I don’t have it Liz so
Liz: Well where is it Phil
Phil: I’d love to make some arrangements with you but I don’t have it
Liz: But where is it.
Phil: I have no idea.
Liz: I thought the last time we spoke you said the US government confiscated it.
Phil: It’s somewhere in the courts in New York, but you know I don’t have the time or the inclination to go through all the hoops required to uh… it’s not my money, it’s not your money. It’s you know…
Liz: Well, it is my money Phil, It is my money because a good part of that was due me.  I had to pay all these vendors for all of those ads, so it is my money. Phil.  That’s the part of it that’s so perplexing.
Phil: I don’t know what to tell you Liz.
Liz: OK, so let’s go back, let’s just roll back.  You’re saying the US government has confiscated this money.
Phil: Ah ha!
Liz: I you don’t know who in the US government
Phil: Well, I don’t know for what reasons and I guess that’s…. and I’m not about to dip my finger into the well, expose myself to find out either
Liz: But how would they have even known
Phil: There are other monies in addition to that so it is not, it’s not just
Liz: OK
Phil: It’s not just that amount, so
Liz: So how would they have known what this money was or where it was to be able to confiscate it and where did they confiscate it from is what I am being asked.  OK  I’m trying to.
Phil: It was confiscated it from a bank in Canada, they confiscated it somewhere in New York in transit so…
Liz: But you never say that when you signed the papers that you had this money and you were holding it and it was gaining interest.  You never said that in those documents that you signed.
Phil: Because that’s what I believed.   I don’t have it Liz.  I wish I could help you out – I just uh.
Liz: So I’m going to ask again. Are you saying at this point in time that the US government has confiscated this money?  Because if you are then I will go to the US government and try to get it.  But you just need to tell me which bank they confiscated it from.  You must have those records if you, have a bank…..
Phil: I don’t have any records.  I guess that’s part of the problem.  I don’t have any uh… you know there was intermediary people involved with it and you know as things go in this world people disappear.  You know.
  later in the conversation when speaking of tax authorities

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